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My Mom Has More School Spirit Than I Do

My mom is constantly texting me about OU Basketball. If you go to OU, you know that no one really cares about basketball but we’re from Kansas and if you are from Kansas you know college basketball is all the state really has going on. Tonight she texted me about the game against Texas, she assumed I was watching it because of the rivalry. Honestly the only sport I pay attention to in the spring is OU Women’s Gymnastics (who is currently #1 in the nation!) Here is how the conversation went;


Mom: Ugh OU was beating Texas by 22 pts now only ahead by 4 pts w 2 min to go grr

Me: Oh really? Did not knew they were playing tonight

Mom: U make me sad


I still have no clue who won the game. I’m sure she’ll text me later.Image

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